Sunday, August 26, 2012

Professions In Guild Wars 2

In case Guild Wars 2 isn’t your first MMORPG (and in case it is, I congratulate you! You have made a great choice), you have seen for certain in any MMO shouts looking like “LF Tank”, “LF Healer” or “LF DPS”.

In the online world, these three characteristics – tank, healer and dps – are called the Holy Trinity. In broad lines, the holy trinity is the system on which 99% of the MMOs out there rely when it comes to combat.

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When you form a party to go hunt a boss you basically need a specialized class or profession (depending on the game) that can incur all the damage and act as a living shield – the tank –, a healer that can keep your

Health bars in check and keep you from dying – the healer –, and a dps, or a damage dealer, that can make the bulk of the damage on the monsters and make sure you all get some loot at the end of the fight. If one piece is missing, the whole system crumbles and you’re forced to stay in town and press the chat macro that cries for help. Or as the Guild Wars 2 developers call it: waiting to have fun.

Well, many things have been overhauled or drastically improved in Guild Wars 2, but the basic holy trinity concept has been totally erased, removed like a malign tumor that grows on the level of entertainment of the MMO players and sucks all of its life force, driving them to ultimately quit the game in rage because they can’t get a decent party to play with.

But they didn’t throw away the blob of frustration pompously named “holy”. They mutated it, transformed it, reengineered it and integrated it in all the professions of the game. Now, instead of waiting for two different players to join you and form this trinity of fun, you have the trinity in you, so you can just head right into the fight without the fear that you can’t defend or heal yourself between the massive damage you do. You can do all these things, some things better than others, depending on the profession, of course.

Every profession has all the means to be, one at a time, either healer, tank or DPS. And because in Guild
Wars 2 you really can’t play alone, the game encouraging to the maximum cooperation and grouping up with other fellow peers, you can choose whatever you want to be in your group, and even make turns which are what.

You can do a little bit of damage, jump in to tank while your group recovers and then jump back and heal them while they hit with all they have. And this can occur in seconds, at the press of a couple of hotkeys.

Finally, the Guild Wars 2 gamers aren’t constrained anymore to choose a profession judging through the holy trinity paradigm, but choose a profession they love playing and unleash that entertainment and level of satisfaction every MMO should offer.

So jump in, pick a profession, and start enjoying Guild Wars 2. You will decide what you want to be every time you start a fight.

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