Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling Guide

The release of Guild Wars 2 is a monumental event. Here we have an MMORPG that goes against the grain. Almost everything you’ve known about online games is thrown out the window. Unfortunately, with change comes adaptation, and take it from me, adapting to Guild Wars 2 is not exactly easy. It’s so difficult that I sought the outside assistance of a gaming guide. I consider myself very lucky that the first guide I purchased was written by none other than Peng Joon, pro gamer extraordinaire.

Whereas other Guild Wars 2 guides are either written by people who have hardly played the game or someone trying to capitalize on its success, Peng Joon’s guide is written by a gamer for gamers. Peng Joon worked extremely hard to get where he is now. He tried out virtually every profession and skill in the game, and took plenty of notes along the way. Finally, after much frustration Peng Joon mastered Guild Wars 2. He then generously decided to share his findings via one all inclusive, user friendly gaming guide. The gaming
community thanks you Peng Joon.

Click here to learn how to power-level with Peng Joon's guide

Peng Joon has a tremendous gaming track record. A pro gamer who has mastered many MMORPGs, Peng Joon is a respected member of the hardcore gaming community. He was one of the world’s first gamers to reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2, and currently is participating in a myriad of endgame content. But he needs more gamers to quest with. He needs you to be as good as him. That’s why, for the very first time, he’s sharing his secrets with the public.

Imagine never having to struggle again. Even if you only put in an hour or two of playing time each night, with Peng Joon’s help you will level faster and more efficiently than someone putting in double the effort. Not only will Peng Joon show you how to powerlevel like a beast, he will also share with you his extensive knowledge of PvP, crafting and how to make coin.

Peng Joon does the leg work so you don’t have to. So, if you’re one of those gamers who has the potential for greatness, but lacks mentorship, check out Peng Joon’s Guild Wars 2 Secrets guide today.

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