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How the Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide can help you!

Guild Wars 2 is an excellent MMORPG but it is also so vast and shields so many secrets. Due to its varied content, you could get absolutely locked when having to choose what path to take, what build to construct or even what profession to choose to begin with!

A real helping hand can be the Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide, created and managed by a professional MMO gamer that knows his way around this kind of stuff. The gamer who created this wonderful guide I’ve been using for quite some time now is a well-respected member of the gaming community and has been dedicating a lot out of his past years to perfect his skills in the MMORPG world. He was the in the top 10 players in all the games he played and he is really a perfectionist, showing this even in the wonderfully compiled guide.

The Zhaitan Guide is an all in one Guild Wars 2 guide that will take you step-by-step from the beginning until the level cap and beyond. It has a step-by step walkthroughs regarding questing and all the dynamic events and meta events you can find in the game. Guild Wars 2 is full of these random events that trigger only under certain conditions. To replicate those conditions and be able to take advantage of these ad-hoc events that give fat rewards and a good amount of gold is what really makes you a master at your game. And this guide shows you how it’s done in great detail.

It has a wonderfully built crafting guide that shows you what you need to know about crafting and how you can be a master crafter in the game, including the locations of all the farmable materials you need for crafting. This has saved me a lot of time since searching for them can be very time consuming and you always have to note it down with shady checkpoints that you always forget. Not in this guide. Everything is guided by comprehensive screenshots that show you exactly where to go and what you should be doing.

The information about professions and what pros and cons they have is done based on a very well researched basis, with everything down from skills to traits to even build that are recommendable in certain situations.

PvP isn’t left aside either, including detailed maps of the WvW scenarios, the builds that you should be using and excellent, tested strategies that work wonderfully since I have personally tested most of them.

The Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan guide really covers everything you should know about what it takes to master a great game like Guild Wars 2 and I strongly recommend it to everyone. You’ve got nothing to lose, especially since you will get your money back guaranteed if you are not satisfied with the product, which I seriously doubt it.

How the Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide Helped Me

I like to think of myself like a semi-pro gamer that knows his way through the various game mechanics of any MMO and can adapt very fast to the new flow. I’ve been playing MMORPG for quite some time now and I have a solid base on which I can rely on when starting any new RPG.

Everything went fine with Guild Wars 2 since it has a friendly interface, tooltips everywhere that give you that important information and the past experience of Guild Wars that really introduced me into the world of Tyria.

guild wars 2 zhaitan guide

I didn’t expect things to go bad and I thought I would master my profession in no time, become the best on my server like I did in all of my prior MMORPGs I played. But unfortunately not everything did go as planned. Guild Wars 2 changed a lot from the original Guild Wars, I can dare to say that it’s almost totally different and the gameplay mechanics are nothing I have encountered before in a MMO where I had the traditional quests and farming areas and it only took time and patience to become the best.

Here everything is changed, quests are not the same but instead you have to do tasks and participate into dynamic event which you don’t really know where they can occur and what exactly should you do first.
Wanting to postpone the PvE a bit until I can get my act together and knowing that in PvP, Guild Wars is another game, I joined the PvPing ranks just to find out that this has changed dramatically. I dropped in a World vs. World scenario where it was more like a medieval siege warfare than the classic teamed PvP that
I was used to. Warfare weapons were everywhere and I couldn’t quite get it from the start.

I needed something that could get me all the information quickly so I would know what to do and when to do it. I was tired of going again through the trial and error process of finding out what should and most importantly what shouldn’t be done in the game.

This way I found the Guild Wars 2 Zhaitan Guide. Through it, I was able to get all the information gameplay and change my gameplay completely. I learnt the basics in PvPing and PvE and then I switched to the more advanced tips and strategies that really helped me master my profession and start being really successful. I managed to increase my bank account tenfold, start emerging victorious when playing in PvP scenarios and now I know exactly what to do and where to go to encounter the right Dynamic Events.

I can’t be grateful enough because I managed to get my hands on this guide, without which I wouldn’t be able to master Guild Wars 2. Get your copy here.

Guild Wars 2 PVP Guide

As you may have been used from the old Guild Wars game, PvP at ArenaNet is done a bit different. If you feel like skirmishing a bit, you don’t have to wait until you can get a decent set of armor and a glowing weapon to stand a chance. You access the panel, join the PvP queue and you are automatically thrown in at maximum level with all of your skills unlocked and also given a starting armor which you can, of course, improve with points earned in skirmishes.

But the most intriguing aspect of the Guild Wars 2 PvP is the new system called WvW or World vs. Word or World PvP. This is a little different than the organized team PvP that you have been used two and it is a mix between open world PvP, which is present in several MMOs out there and a contained and controlled environment, which you join willingly and you have to perform a series of tasks in order help your group win.

WvW is created in such a way that it will accommodate even players that don’t like to PvP too often, offering them besides active combat with other players PvE tasks that they can perform to help the team towards victory.

To make an idea about how WvW is, you can think about middle ages sieges. It has keeps, it has castles and it has siege weapons that can be constructed and handled both by the attacking and defending party.

This adds a nice depth to the PvP mechanic, giving the possibility of endless siege tactics and strategies that enhance the entertainment of PvP and puts a bigger emphasis on cooperation and tactic rather on number of players and item superiority.

Using supplies, you can create the siege weapons you need or reinforce the walls and gates of the keeps you have to defend from the enemy forces. These supplies come to the keeps on road from special supply caravans travelling from resource camps. This means that you will also have to defend those.
World vs. World is like a real medieval war, with some substantial rewards! If you win, based on the war score you gathered, you gain bonuses on your server to health, gathering and crafting among other things. So it is a real interest to really make it worth because of these important benefits that can ease your gameplay on your server.

And here is how, Guild Wars 2 entices the players to join the PvP experience and work together for a common goal, offering everyone, PvP fanatics or just casual players, a role in t

Guide to Crafting in Guild Wars 2

Crafting is a very important concept in most MMO games out there, and by now you should have tried your hammer on an anvil at least once or twice in your gaming career. Some players love the crafting part in MMOs and spend extensive amounts of time, painstakingly sorting out crafting materials, creating spreadsheets and trying to make a profit on the auction houses.

The gold profit is the only reward when it comes to crafting, but, as we all know by now: character experience can’t be bought with gold. So in terms of leveling you character, you will fall way behind your friends that don’t take that much interest in crafting and just want to level up their characters and get to those awesome end-game dungeons.

Meanwhile, if you are lucky, you are filthy rich and you can afford so much better items than your max leveled friends, but now you will have to eagerly play through those levels, days on end, with your items waiting for you in the bank. And it isn’t fun at all. You can’t play with your friends, you waste tons of time farming for materials and only if you are lucky you can get some extra gold by selling the crafted items.

Guild Wars 2 overhauled the crafting experience and added to it what it has been missing for such a long time, among other things: character experience. This means that along with gaining the crafting profession experience while you are hammering away, with every crafted item you also gain character experience that counts towards your leveling.

This has a huge impact on the gameplay experience in Guild Wars 2 and offers the crafting enthusiasts the possibility to be even more elitist than before. Finally, crafting is rewarding the player for the time and effort poured in this activity that it’s like a game in the game, burning away hours on farming and discovering those important recipes.

This means that you can choose to be an all-time crafter of the guild for example, without the fear that you will fall behind in leveling and you won’t be able to play with your friends in that awesome dungeon. Your guild members bring you the needed materials found in their journeys and you hammer away, in the comfort zone of the crafting workshop in town, creating valuable items for your adventurous friends that don’t have to wait for that miraculous drop anymore or that just don’t like crafting.

Because of the way that crafting is so different in Guild Wars 2, it is a game that stands miles above most of the crappy MMO games out there.

With simple additions like instant crafting when you have too many items of one kind to create, the ability to automatically send the crafting materials directly in your bank no matter where you are on the map to clear your inventory or the so important addition of character experience when crafting, they totally changed the way crafting is viewed in a MMO and encourages players to try it, with the guarantee that they aren’t wasting time butinstead exploring another dimension of the game that rewards even the most casual crafter on the server.

Professions In Guild Wars 2

In case Guild Wars 2 isn’t your first MMORPG (and in case it is, I congratulate you! You have made a great choice), you have seen for certain in any MMO shouts looking like “LF Tank”, “LF Healer” or “LF DPS”.

In the online world, these three characteristics – tank, healer and dps – are called the Holy Trinity. In broad lines, the holy trinity is the system on which 99% of the MMOs out there rely when it comes to combat.

Click here to master Guild Wars 2 professions

When you form a party to go hunt a boss you basically need a specialized class or profession (depending on the game) that can incur all the damage and act as a living shield – the tank –, a healer that can keep your

Health bars in check and keep you from dying – the healer –, and a dps, or a damage dealer, that can make the bulk of the damage on the monsters and make sure you all get some loot at the end of the fight. If one piece is missing, the whole system crumbles and you’re forced to stay in town and press the chat macro that cries for help. Or as the Guild Wars 2 developers call it: waiting to have fun.

Well, many things have been overhauled or drastically improved in Guild Wars 2, but the basic holy trinity concept has been totally erased, removed like a malign tumor that grows on the level of entertainment of the MMO players and sucks all of its life force, driving them to ultimately quit the game in rage because they can’t get a decent party to play with.

But they didn’t throw away the blob of frustration pompously named “holy”. They mutated it, transformed it, reengineered it and integrated it in all the professions of the game. Now, instead of waiting for two different players to join you and form this trinity of fun, you have the trinity in you, so you can just head right into the fight without the fear that you can’t defend or heal yourself between the massive damage you do. You can do all these things, some things better than others, depending on the profession, of course.

Every profession has all the means to be, one at a time, either healer, tank or DPS. And because in Guild
Wars 2 you really can’t play alone, the game encouraging to the maximum cooperation and grouping up with other fellow peers, you can choose whatever you want to be in your group, and even make turns which are what.

You can do a little bit of damage, jump in to tank while your group recovers and then jump back and heal them while they hit with all they have. And this can occur in seconds, at the press of a couple of hotkeys.

Finally, the Guild Wars 2 gamers aren’t constrained anymore to choose a profession judging through the holy trinity paradigm, but choose a profession they love playing and unleash that entertainment and level of satisfaction every MMO should offer.

So jump in, pick a profession, and start enjoying Guild Wars 2. You will decide what you want to be every time you start a fight.

Click here to learn how to master professions in Guild Wars 2

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Peng Joon Guild Wars 2 Secrets Review

My experience with gaming guides is the past has been less than favorable. I’ll go right out and say it: I’ve been scammed by companies making false claims about its guides. I bet that most of the people who wrote these so called “expert guides” never stepped foot in the game. They’re a disgrace. I could find almost all of the worthless information contained in them from a simple Google search engine query. Even the guides that aren’t half bad contain out of date information. MMORPGs are always being patched, and guides need to reflect that in order to stay relevant. That’s why I won’t ever buy a physical guide.

In this Guild Wars 2 Secrets review, we are taking a look at Peng Joon's latest (and greatest) guide. Peng Joon has made many famous game guides, including Diablo 3 Secrets and the leading Farmville game guide.

Click here for Peng Joon's Guild Wars 2 Secrets guide

I was hesitant to purchase another guide. After all, I’ve been burnt before, who’s to say it won’t happen again. But because Guild Wars 2 was giving me so much trouble, I decided to see what was out there. After searching long and hard, I found Peng Joon’s blog. He showed screenshots of his character – he was level 80. I didn’t even think it was possible to have a level 80 character in such a short amount of time, but sure enough, Peng Joon’s accomplishment was legit. He shared a few useful tips in his blog that I incorporated to great success. I wanted more, so I ended up purchasing the guide.

Turns out that the rumors were true. Peng Joon’s guide is far and away the best guide I have ever owned. After reading just the first section I already knew enough about Guild Wars 2 to get by. Upon completing the guide, I was a powerleveling machine, the likes of which I never imagined I could be. The information contained within the pages of the guide was both relevant and useful. Peng Joon really knows how to speak to the average player like myself. It’s something us newbies can appreciate.  Overall, this Guild Wars 2 Secrets review finds the guide to be very good.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out. In addition to learning hundreds of leveling tips, Peng Joon will teach you everything you need to know about professions, crafting, making gold and PvPing. It’s the most Guild Wars 2 comprehensive guide on the market, and Peng Joon promises that each and every time the game is patched, the guide will be updated to reflect the changes.

Click here for Peng Joon's Guild Wars 2 Secrets guide

Guild Wars 2 Power Leveling Guide

The release of Guild Wars 2 is a monumental event. Here we have an MMORPG that goes against the grain. Almost everything you’ve known about online games is thrown out the window. Unfortunately, with change comes adaptation, and take it from me, adapting to Guild Wars 2 is not exactly easy. It’s so difficult that I sought the outside assistance of a gaming guide. I consider myself very lucky that the first guide I purchased was written by none other than Peng Joon, pro gamer extraordinaire.

Whereas other Guild Wars 2 guides are either written by people who have hardly played the game or someone trying to capitalize on its success, Peng Joon’s guide is written by a gamer for gamers. Peng Joon worked extremely hard to get where he is now. He tried out virtually every profession and skill in the game, and took plenty of notes along the way. Finally, after much frustration Peng Joon mastered Guild Wars 2. He then generously decided to share his findings via one all inclusive, user friendly gaming guide. The gaming
community thanks you Peng Joon.

Click here to learn how to power-level with Peng Joon's guide

Peng Joon has a tremendous gaming track record. A pro gamer who has mastered many MMORPGs, Peng Joon is a respected member of the hardcore gaming community. He was one of the world’s first gamers to reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2, and currently is participating in a myriad of endgame content. But he needs more gamers to quest with. He needs you to be as good as him. That’s why, for the very first time, he’s sharing his secrets with the public.

Imagine never having to struggle again. Even if you only put in an hour or two of playing time each night, with Peng Joon’s help you will level faster and more efficiently than someone putting in double the effort. Not only will Peng Joon show you how to powerlevel like a beast, he will also share with you his extensive knowledge of PvP, crafting and how to make coin.

Peng Joon does the leg work so you don’t have to. So, if you’re one of those gamers who has the potential for greatness, but lacks mentorship, check out Peng Joon’s Guild Wars 2 Secrets guide today.