Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guild Wars 2 PVP Guide

As you may have been used from the old Guild Wars game, PvP at ArenaNet is done a bit different. If you feel like skirmishing a bit, you don’t have to wait until you can get a decent set of armor and a glowing weapon to stand a chance. You access the panel, join the PvP queue and you are automatically thrown in at maximum level with all of your skills unlocked and also given a starting armor which you can, of course, improve with points earned in skirmishes.

But the most intriguing aspect of the Guild Wars 2 PvP is the new system called WvW or World vs. Word or World PvP. This is a little different than the organized team PvP that you have been used two and it is a mix between open world PvP, which is present in several MMOs out there and a contained and controlled environment, which you join willingly and you have to perform a series of tasks in order help your group win.

WvW is created in such a way that it will accommodate even players that don’t like to PvP too often, offering them besides active combat with other players PvE tasks that they can perform to help the team towards victory.

To make an idea about how WvW is, you can think about middle ages sieges. It has keeps, it has castles and it has siege weapons that can be constructed and handled both by the attacking and defending party.

This adds a nice depth to the PvP mechanic, giving the possibility of endless siege tactics and strategies that enhance the entertainment of PvP and puts a bigger emphasis on cooperation and tactic rather on number of players and item superiority.

Using supplies, you can create the siege weapons you need or reinforce the walls and gates of the keeps you have to defend from the enemy forces. These supplies come to the keeps on road from special supply caravans travelling from resource camps. This means that you will also have to defend those.
World vs. World is like a real medieval war, with some substantial rewards! If you win, based on the war score you gathered, you gain bonuses on your server to health, gathering and crafting among other things. So it is a real interest to really make it worth because of these important benefits that can ease your gameplay on your server.

And here is how, Guild Wars 2 entices the players to join the PvP experience and work together for a common goal, offering everyone, PvP fanatics or just casual players, a role in t

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