Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide

Guild Wars 2 utilizes a highly structured, comprehensive achievement system. These days gamers expect their favorite titles to come stocked with a myriad of achievements. Adding an extra layer of depth to games, players enjoy the additional replay value achievements afford. Whereas most games only implement uninspired, unrewarding achievements, the Guild Wars 2 achievement system is extraordinarily deep and varied.

In Guild Wars 2 there are three types of achievements. Daily achievements are similar to traditional daily quests featured in other MMOs like World of Warcraft. Players will be rewarded for killing enemies, slaughtering different enemy types, gathering goods and participating in events. All daily achievements are tiered. Reaching higher tiers requires completing lower tiers first. For instance, by killing 10 enemies players will complete a Tier 1 daily achievement. They must kill 20 more enemies to complete Tier 2. Subsequent tiers grant better rewards. The rewards for completing daily achievements are typically in the form of coin
and experience points.

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Monthly achievements function in much the same matter as dailies, except that both the requirements and rewards are far greater. For example, completing the Tier 4 Event Participation achievement requires that a player partake in 100 events in a 30-day period. Other achievements reward players based on skill. The Experience Survivor monthly requires players to accumulate increasing amounts of experience without dying. Catering to the hardcore gaming crowd, monthly achievements represent some of the most difficult tasks in the game.

Monthly achievements are expected to change based on what events are currently going on within the game universe. They are also expected to be somewhat dynamic in nature.

The third type of achievements is regular achievements. These are more in line with what players have come to expect from MMORPGs. They are broken down into categories. When players enter a zone the loading screen will display their achievement progress. Everything from using weapon skills, to partaking in social events and PvP can potentially grant players an achievement. There are even achievements for sporting special armor. However, the rewards for most regular achievements are only cosmetic in nature.

Thanks to achievements, players who reach level 80 in Guild Wars 2 will still find that there is a lot more to be accomplished.

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